Thursday, June 26, 2008

MSOP: Making a Run and Royal Flush

I'm in Event 46 right now. We are just a few spots to the money and I have a good stack of 37,559...sitting in 20th position right now. I've been in the top 20 for about an hour now thanks to some really good hands including a royal flush!!!

Hopefully I can keep it up!!!

Update: I'm up to 50k and we are in the money. I'm sitting around 10th of 90 right now.

Update: We're 4 hours in to the tournament and down to 58 players. I'm in 27th right now with 42k. The chip leader is to my immediate left with 130k so I'm having to be a little cautious right now as he is playing a ton of hands and hitting the flops hard.

Update: Out in 45th place. Top two pair against a flopped straight.