Thursday, June 12, 2008


I won about 50 bucks at a cash table around 9 last night and decided to use that money to play the 50/50. About 5 hands in I noticed mclarich at my table. I said hello to him and he hadn't noticed I was there either.
We both chipped up nicely in the first hour and sat well above average after the first hour. About an hour and a half in Mclarich ran pocket kings in to pocket aces. The guy with aces picked up four to the flush but Mclarich hit the one outer on the river to double up nicely.
I won a couple of nice pots with J 10 and A K and manged to get up to around 6k.
My demise came just after the 2nd break. I was in the small blind with A J and a player in the cutoff raised it up about 3x the big. I repopped it to about 2,500 or so and the big blind shoved with his last 2k. Now calling that would have been a no brainer as it only cost me a few more chips. The problem is the first raiser shoves for almost all my chips. I don't have him on a steal as strongly as I did but I still feel he's trying to isolate the other player. I almost fold but there's so much already in the pot I decide to call. I'm up against AQ from the Big Blind and AK...not good. I hit a jack on the flop but it was an all diamond flop giving the cutoff player a flush on the flop. I went out shortly after that but I noticed Mclarich managed to make it to the second level of payouts.
Have a great week at the tables everyone!!!