Friday, June 06, 2008

T. O. C. Decision and Fun with Riggs

I'm playing in the BBT3 tournament of champions tomorrow. If I were by some miracle to finish in 1st or 2nd which believe me, with the lineup I will be facing will include at least a couple of miracles, then I have a decision that had to be made. I cannot take the time off necessary to play the W.S.O.P. this year. I have already been offered a seat to the main event previously and had to turn it down.
My decision was that if I win 1st or 2nd there is no way a blogger isn't using that money to enter the Main Event. I have extended the invitation to B.W.o.P. to play for me in the main event if I win 1st or 2nd in the T.O.C. She doesn't need to answer this yet but I sure hope I put her to that decision. : )

Riggs and I have a friendly prop bet going right now on who will lose the most weight between today and the Bash in September. We will weigh in at the bash and the loser will pay up.
I'm currently at 275 which is 45 pounds lighter than I was first of the year. I'm giving this my best shot...good luck Riggs!!! I think we will both be winners on this one no matter who has to pay up.