Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home from Okie Vegas

I'm back home from Oklahoma and I've been busy at work this week catching up on being gone for almost two weeks.
I had a great time in Oklahoma!!! It was great to see some old friends again and meet some new ones. Thanks so much to the GCox family and the TC family for letting me stay in your homes and thanks to Maudie and OSU for helping host.
For the record, at the casino when I folded AA face up after the flop OSU did indeed show that he had flopped two pair.
I got very lucky to win the Saturday tournament as I pulled off a few well timed bluffs and then won a huge hand heads up against Buddy Dank when he was a 2 to 1 favorite.
I'm looking for a couple of $1000+ live tournies to play in September or so. If anyone knows of any events running during that time please let me know.