Friday, September 30, 2005

PPM V Super Satellite NL Hold'em:
Buy-in: $150 + $12
Starts at 6:00 pm EST
# of registered players: 176
1st: PPM V Package ($13500)
2nd: $6450
3rd: $3870
4th: $2580
Beginning with 18 tables
I am at table 3
Starting Chips = 1000
30 minutes in to the tourney i get 89 suited diamonds.
five of us limp in to see the flop. flop is 7d, 5d, 7c
that gives me the inside straight flush draw
one player bets 125. i call with straight and flush draw
everyone else folds.
turn is the 6s giving me a straight.
he bets 700. i raise all in with another 160.
he calls with J 5 offsuit
river is a 7.. i'm out.. sigh

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I managed to hold on and qualify for the PPM super satellite. I will be playing it tomorrow night. I played in a live game last night. It was dealer choice and most of the players chose Omaha. I definitely need to brush up on my Omaha It was a fun night but not a profitable one. Tonight I will be playing online and hopefully building the bankroll. I'll post the results of the qualifier tomorrow night.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This is the beginning of my poker journal. I will be posting my wins and losses and lessons I learn along the way. I play live about two or three nights a week. I also play on Party Poker under the name Surflexus. I made the money in the Million Dollar tourney this week. I got crippled early in a big hand and fought back to just make it to the money. I am planning a trip to Tunica Mississippi to play in the WSOP Circuit event in January. As I write this I am playing in the PPM V Super Qualifier. Top six win an entry. I am the chip leader with 19 left in. Average stack is 6 grand. I have 20 grand. Looks like I have a shot at playing the tourney Friday for a seat on the boat. I'll post again when the tourney ends. G