Sunday, November 27, 2005

trkfix invents a game

Trkfix and I went on a road trip this weekend. He purchased a new fishing boat this week. We took it to his lake house in South Carolina. We played a little heads up hold em then he suggested we try a new game he had thought of. It's called "Fold em Hold em". Each player is dealt two hold em hands. You look at both hands and select a primary playing hand. The other hand is then folded with side wagering of course encouraged on the secondary hands. A one time side wager may be placed pre-flop on the secondary hands beating one another. The primary hands are then played just like normal NL Texas Holdem. It was a blast. If you find yourself with only two or three players one night I would encourage you to try it.
I have selected the two events in January in Tunica I will be playing. The weekend of January 7th-9th I will be playing the two 500 dollar buy in events.
I'm going to be playing some on Poker Stars this week. I'm moving some of my money there so I can play some of the blogger tourneys and I'm interested in trying a few other tourneys there.
To my friend g....enjoy the break..sometimes it's needed and best of luck2you when you return.
Good luck to everyone this

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

ITM: 40k guaranteed

I made the money tonight in the 40k guaranteed on party. I finished 118th out of 2,532 entrants. I was severely short stacked for the last two hours and just hung in there.
I did qualify for the Ferarri freeroll Saturday but I have a schedule conflict. Does anyone know if there will be another Ferarri tourney or is this it?
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and good luck this week!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Live From The Bubble

I'm on the bubble in a tourney as I type this. 1432 entrants---down to 242 of us. I'm severely short stacked. I have 472 chips. The blinds are 200/400. My starting cards are as follows:
8h9c fold
3d4h fold
5c8d fold
7h2s (the doyle...hmm..) fold
5sQs fold
9c5c fold
3s4s fold
9cJh fold
8s3c fold
In the big blind with good.
My question: It was a relatively tight table on the bubble. No callers or raisers anywhere. Does anyone like any of the choices I had to throw in with? I couldn't go with any of them and bubbled out. Sigh.....
But there is good news: I'm also playing the Ferrari freeroll qualifier
3,500 registered
currently still in: 352
average stack: 9,943
my stack: 9,020
Top 200 move on to the Ferrari tourney...I'll post again if I make it

Saturday, November 19, 2005


I had a good night of online play last night including 69th place in a 20+2 multi with 1,600 entrants. Thanks to Gcox25, TripJax, and ChipperDH for railbirding the entire tourney. TripJax and Gcox played the 40k guarantee tourney funded courtesy of their first place finishes in single table tourneys. Gary went out after hanging tough with a short stack for a long time. TripJax was still playing when I finished my tourney. He was almost to the money so I'm hoping to hear some good news on his finish.
The next 10 days I am going to blitz the single table tourneys. My ROI in these indicates I should be spending more time there. I usually 2-table these. I am going to test 3-tabling some of them. I will post the results in 10 days.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mission: Headset

I'm on a mission tonight to get a headset for my computer. I promise Gary,
I've been working on reservations and planning the trip to Tunica for the WSOP circuit tounaments. I should be able to play in two events.
The Chipper has a new blog. Check him out if you get a chance

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Good Job trkfix

A big shout out to my friend trkfix on party poker. He's only been playing online poker a few weeks and finished 94th out of 3,500 people in a multi tourney tonight. Great job!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Letter from Biloxi

I received a letter from the Imperial Palace in Biloxi, Mississippi. They have been closed for repairs from Hurricane Katrina. I play blackjack there and get comped free rooms so we usually stay there when we go to Biloxi. They have not had a poker room there so we always spend most of our time at other casinos that do. The letter announced that when they re-open for business in December they will have a nice luxurious poker room!! I can't wait to see it.
I want to thank the low limit grinder for introducing me to several bloggers that I read including jordon, SirF ,and Veneno. I have to get me a headset; that was awesome!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Losing night

Well it was bound to happen. I've been running great for eight weeks without a bad night.. until now. 3/6 6 max tables... 2nd best hands aplenty.
I'm running for cover with tail tucked.
The important thing for me when I hit a bad night is to leave the tables and take a few days off from internet poker. I have a live game tomorrow night so I will let you know how it goes.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


I want to give a big WAY TO GO to my friend gryhrdmama on party poker who just hit the bad beat jackpot tonight for over $30,000!!!! Way to go G!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Who Played This Right?

Here's the scenario. 40k guaranteed tonight on party. I'm an hour in to the tourney and the average stack is 1800. I have 2800 and I get pocket tens under the gun. The blinds are 25/50. I bet 125. The button and the big blind call. The flop is ( J,10,3) rainbow. I bet 500 and the button raises for more than I have. I call. He has KQ and hits a 9 on the turn to put me out. Here's the question. Did I play this wrong? Should I avoid this hand altogether? He had tons of chips so I like his play on the flop. I like my chances of doubling.
I'm playing the shootout on Party. GaryC is in also. I'll post again if one of us takes it to the house!! Good luck G.