Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tunica Update

Thanks to a 2006 WSOP player that made the money (way to go!!!) for letting me know about the WSOP Circuit Events in Tunica coming up in a few weeks. I am definitely scheduling the trip to play a few events. I will post the exact dates and events once the reservations are made. Sept. 24th to Oct. 4th are the tournament dates. I will probably play the first two or three events and a satellite or two for the main event.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Tunica Tournaments

I'm planning a trip to Tunica in a few weeks. The Gold Strike has a $10,000 guarantee freeze out tournament the first Sunday of every month. The buy-in is $330. It will probably be the first Sunday in September when I go. They have some juicy tournaments on Friday and Saturday as well with buy-ins in the $200 range. If any of you bloggers in the Atlanta area are interested in going let me know. I have room and will drive us up there and back.
I played a double shootout to the million on Stars tonight and ran in to a very good player heads up in the first round. His name on Stars is Phat Elvis. We played heads up for a very long time and I used up at least nine lives coming back from short stack after short stack. He finally finished me off when we both made a straight...his being the high end. Good job Phat!!
Best of luck at the tables this weekend everyone.

Monday, July 24, 2006

A Beginner's Guide To Re-Buy Tournaments (per request)

Re-buy tournaments are a different animal than your average multi-table tourney. In a re-buy, you can expect to see people getting all their money in early trying to double up quickly. Some folks will buy in immediately to give them double the starting stack, while others will simply shove with anything with their initial buy-in.
The DADI should prove to be a little tighter than your average re-buy tourney, but you will still see a lot of shoving going on early with less than premium hands, probably about the top 15 starting hands for the most part. Definitely hold your hammer dropping until after the break, unless you just want to help build the prize pool.
The goal in the first hour is to get to about 5 or 6 times the initial chip count.......and yes, take the add on. Plan on budgeting enough for a couple of re-buys and an add on. In my opinion, any more than that is not advisable.
Don't forget to switch gears after the break and get in to the normal middle stages of a big multi. Best of luck to everyone in the DADI Wednesday. I hope to see you there.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Finally A Hand Holds Up

The past few days have been frustrating. I've gotten my money in several times and have been quite pleased to see they are holding what I thought.....only to see their long shots hit and knock me out. Finally last night my hands held a few times and I was able to take 1st in a 5-table tourney on Party. Unfortunately it was not a game that counts towards the 45sng challenge but a win is a win so I am glad for it.
I made a few last ditch efforts to qualify for the main event in the WSOP, but didn't play well or come close in any of them.
My limit game is going very well right now. I shored up a few leaks about six months ago and it has made a huge difference.
Best of luck to everyone at the tables this

Edit: I bombed out of another 45sng but I'm running well in a 10+1 multi on Party. Tourney # is 772151. I'm at 14,128 at the first break, about double the average. We started with 530 entrants and are down to 251.

Also, I have been slack and havn't mentioned this yet but don't be a square. Come join us for the greatest re-buy tourney ever:

Monday, July 17, 2006

I Am Back and We Have a Mookie Tourney Player in the Main Event

That was a great break and vacation. I'm looking forward to the sng challenge. I'm also so jealous of all of you that went to Vegas for the blogger gathering. The pictures and stories have been so cool.
Most of you will not remember this guy, but he played the Mookie with us on May 31st. His name is Slothwear on Poker Stars. He qualified for the Main Event in the WSOP this weekend. I'll be bringing you more info on this soon...hoping to get a chance to follow his play in the WSOP. Way to go Slothwear!!!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


My poker break begins today. Mrs. Surf and I are on our way to the beautiful beach for 10 days. If you havn't ordered your copy of Double A's book hit this link and do so now.
I'll be back on the 17th. Best of luck to everyone while I'm away.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A little fiction is good for the soul

Windsurf Lexington was on the last day of a month long losing streak that had seen him drop nearly 40,000 dollars.......

I sit at a 2/5 no limit table going over this past week in my mind. How had variance taken such a nasty turn for the worse? I have had bad runs before but never anything like this. I never felt like I really tilted or got away from my game. It just seemed the magic was gone. The cards that had always fell favorably were on vacation, replaced by cards that had no emotions to comfort me.
So this is what it’s like to be a loser. No wonder some people hate this game. I’ve not played anything lower than 30/60 in five years and this is terrible. I’m surrounded by donkeys that are trying their best to give me their money, but I can’t get the cards that you must have to beat players that won’t fold.
I take a break and head to the restroom and outside for a quick smoke. A quick inventory tells me that I am actually playing with the last of my money. I’ve pawned everything I had to get in to this game and this is it. I’m going to go completely broke. I’ve never had to plan for this moment, as the last few years have been so lucrative I didn’t see the need; until now.
I guess I could get a real job, but what do I put on the application? I have never worked a job. I’ve played cards since college and I dropped out early because of the time I felt was being wasted that I could be at a table bringing in the groceries.
"Surf, what’s up man?" came the call from my long-time friend and fellow poker player Garrow Coxworth the 25th.
"I’m having a really bad month G. I’ve lost my entire roll and I’m looking at having to get a real job. It’s really depressing and I’m thinking of just calling it quits for good."
Garrow looked at me with the concern of a true friend. "Look bro, I’m not telling you what to do, but I’ve always felt you pushed it a little and should back off in limits to avoid a day like this. There’s nothing wrong with being a low limit grinder."
"I see your point G, I guess that’s exactly what I am now and you know what.....I’m completely happy with it."

Limit Game Is A Little Rusty

I've been playing mostly no limit lately so I decided to play a little limit today. I dropped about 80 bucks playing 2/4 short-handed. The cards were not hitting me but I blame myself for being impatient. It's such a grind and I wasn't in the mood for it.
While playing, I watched smokkee win a couple of tokens. Well done sir.
I've had a great month and I'm cashing out a little to take the family to Florida. I'll be on hiatus from playing for about 15 days; when I return I will resume my quest to win a big tournament. First place in a huge field has eluded me for a while now, but I feel one coming soon.
I watched my friend Gordon (trkfix) play the million on Party today. He went out with a full house on the first hand of the game to a larger full house. Man, that is so tough.
Good luck at the tables for the next two weeks everyone. I will try to play the Mookie this week, but that is going to be about it for a while.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Almost A Final Table

I placed 11th in the 20k guarantee on Full Tilt last night. With over 1,100 entrants, I should be elated but there is something about finishing two spots from the final table that takes a little away from the celebration. I will trudge on in my mission to win a tournament....nothing to see here...carry on please....