Thursday, April 26, 2007

Playing Poker

Cats Playing Poker

Cows Playing Poker

Icons Playing Poker

Werewolves Playing Poker

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tunica Trip One Week Countdown

It's only a week until my next trip to Tunica. I'm excited about this trip for several reasons. It's my 21st wedding anniversary and where better to celebrate the 21st than a casino. I get to play three poker tournaments with my lovely bride. I also have a few backers for my tourney play and I want to do well for them as well as for myself.
I have a few more trips on the calender this year:
1) Meeting up with The Poker Enthusiast in May for some poker in Indiana.
2) Road trip to Tunica with Poker Cat and crew. This will probably be a run up, play poker, and run back (because we're hardcore like that).
3) Okie Vegas in July.
4) US Poker Championships in December.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Contest Winner: Mr. Subliminal

Mr. Subliminal won the contest hands down with his entry: An eyepatch.
He wins 10% action on all 3 tournaments I am playing in Tunica at the end of the month. Best of luck!!
Big thanks to Jordan, Kat, and Garth for the great job helping to judge the contest.

I played at KuroKitty's game last night. Brigid (notice I did not use the nickname as promised) became my hero for the week with her shove all-in move with the pseudo-hammer. Alas the hammer was cracked but she still gets full Kudos... noice!!!
As for myself, I had a great night and more than doubled my buy-in. It was a full table for most of the night and tons of fun. Thanks to PokerCat for hosting!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Naked Man Needs Your Help: Contest Announcement

As my friend Tripjax always says, "Let's light this candle."

I am the naked man at the poker table. I don't have a lucky anything. I don't have a particular shirt, outfit, hat, card protector, sunglasses, talisman, or anything I always say or do at the table. I don't want anything that will make me seem like a jerk at the table. I'm thinking more along the lines of something to throw the opponents off balance a bit.
I am going to run a contest from right now until April 15th. The winner of the contest gets 10% action on 3 tournaments that I am playing in Tunica at the end of the month.
Suggest an item for me to take or wear at the tournaments. I will post pictures of your item and wear or take it to the tournaments.
Entries are to be posted in comments on this blog. If you want to post a picture of your item, post it on your blog or let me know and I will post it here.
Jordan , Kat , and Garth along with myself will be judging your entries. We will each place the items in the order that we like them from pick 1 on down. The item with the lowest combined score will be the winner.
The 3 tournaments I am playing have a combined buy-in of about 500 bucks. Tourney 1 is the $325 at The Goldstrike. 2 and 3 will be at either Horseshoe, Gold Strike, or the Grand and will be between 65 and 125 buy-ins.
Best of luck to everyone. Now get those entries in!!!
Edit: Three days left to get your entry in. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'm looking forward to see who wins. Good luck everyone and I hope I can cash in Tunica and make it a really nice prize for the winner!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's official, I'm a Super-Donkey!!!

I won the Super Donkey NCAA bracket challenge. I was barely able to get my selections in before leaving on my trip a few weeks ago, but I managed to get my bracket put together before I left. When I got back home, I checked and I was middle of the pack. I kept an eye on it after that, and I slowly crept back towards the top. Most of the games had to fall exactly as they did towards the end for me to win. It was almost like hitting a runner, runner straight after calling a set of sevens while holding K9 offsuit and the flop being was worse...and yes, I was the one holding the sevens(final table earlier this week).
Thanks Don for putting it together!!