Friday, October 27, 2006

Answer to Shark's Hand Question

Jordan nailed the hand (SEE PREVIOUS POST BELOW). A2 offsuit was exactly what the villain held. He hit the ace and knocked Shark out in 4th(the 2 short stacks folded and advanced to 2nd and 3rd place). That's an incredibly tough hand to fold and equally tough to call with. Thanks for everyone's input. Hands are so situational it's difficult to say what I would do every time, but I would almost certainly call there unless I had some reason to believe he would make that play with AA or KK.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2 Flat Tires and a Microphone

Mrs. Surf and I set out on our adventure Saturday and found ourselves traveling down a road in the forest enjoying the beautiful fall sights when suddenly....Boom!!! Flat tire!! No problem. There's a perfect spot to change it just ahead. We pull in and I make quick work of the tire and I'm lowering the jack when I notice...OH NOOOO...the spare is flat also!!! I forgot about the flat I changed in our driveway a few weeks ago. It was early in the morning and I had intentions to change it later but I forgot. Oh boy....what to do? Needless to say we were severely delayed on our trip but we met some really nice helpful people and did eventually get to the casino. We had a great time but didn't come out winners for the weekend; but we were verrrrrrry glad we made it at all.

My friend "The Shark" had a very interesting hand this week in a live tourney. I am a little undecided on how I would have played it. I would have had to see how the chip leader had been playing up to the point the hand occurred. We'll have to take Shark's word for it that the guy is an OK player but has definitely been playing loose most of the way. Here's the situation. Shark is in a 50 dollar buy in multi live tournament and it's down to four players. He's in the money already and second in chips with about 8,000. The chip leader has almost 11,000 and the other two players have about 2,200 each. Shark is on the button and looks down and finds QQ. The chip leader is first to act and shoves all in with the two short stacks in the blinds of 400 and 800. I'm going to leave it right there for a day or two and see what you guys think then I'll post how the rest of the tourney played out.

Mrs. Surf has never been to California and I'm thinking of maybe taking her soon. I'd like to combine the sightseeing along with a nice tournament. If any of you kind folks on the west coast have any ideas let me know.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy Tunica Birthday To Me

Mrs. Surf has lined up a trip to Tunica next weekend for my birthday. I can't wait!!

Here is a picture of my friend "Rags" that I went to Tunica with a few weeks ago.

I am planning a lot of weekend trips to various card rooms in the upcoming months. I plan on raising the limits I have been playing and taking some shots at 5/10 no limit and 20/40 limit. I talked to a friend in Florida that plays regularly at these limits. He usually buys in for 2,000 in the 5/10nl and has been doing quite well. If I drop more than five buy ins I will definitely drop back down in limits though. I will let you know how it goes. I am also very interested in playing WSOP Circuit Tounaments as much as possible. If you are going to be playing any of these let me know. Maybe I'll see you there.

Good luck at the tables this week everyone!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Live, Live Live....All The Way Live

I am switching to live poker only and will plan several trips to tournaments this year. I will probably post here from time to time but the lack of online play will make it much less frequent. Good luck everyone!!!