Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sorry....I Have To Say It

I hear people say that poker is putting a strain on their relationship; or they have to limit their play time or stop playing because of their spouse.
I don't get it.
Maybe I'm naive...and please feel free to comment if I'm totally off base here....but WTF??!!?
If you are in to poker enough to blog about it, how the heck did you let yourself get in a relationship with someone that cares so little about you that it's a big deal if you do something you love doing. That being said, if you take it to an extreme and ignore other responsiblities....well deserve it. But if you want to play a little as a hobby or a second source of income, I feel sorry for you if you're taking heat.
If you aren't sure if you fall in to that category or not, here's a little test to clear it up for you. Answer all questions then score yourself at the bottom.
Presenting: Are You Whamboozled?

1) If you are playing online poker does your spouse yell from another room
a. you're not playing poker in there are you?
b. i Know you're not playing poker in there again!!
c. honey, after you win us another trip can we make love?

2) If you are supposed to be doing work around the house but instead are playing online poker, does your spouse say:
a. get off the computer and get to work.
b. just what do you think you are doing?!
c. go ahead and have fun, i've got this.

3)You promised you wouldn't play tonight but a friend sends you an e-mail begging you to play the 25k with him. would you:
a. practically trip over your own feet getting to your computer
b. tell him you can't tonight because you are spending quality time with your sweetheart.
c. pretend you didn't see the e-mail until it was too late.

4) Your kids need the computer to do their homework. Do you:
a. offer to help them between hands.
b. tell them to go to the library because you are in a qualifier.
c. sit nervously to the side sweating making it to the mookie on time.

Ok...time to check your score.
Question 1: If you answered anything but C you are well on your way to being whamboozled and should give yourself 10 points. If you answered C you can skip the rest of this quiz because you are simply not whamboozled period; no points for C.

Question 2: A or B gets 10 points. C gets -5 points.

Question 3: B and C gets 10 points. A gets -10.

Question 4: A or B gets -10 points. C is 15.

If you scored 45 points, I'm surprised you are even reading this.
If you scored between 1 and 44 you are in danger of being whamboozled.
If you are 0 or less you are a bonafide degenerate; buy yourself a drink.

Disclaimer: If you are realizing for the first time that you are Whamboozled I humbly apologize for bringing this to your attention.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rendezvous Skidoo

I played a little poker this weekend at 23Skidoo's house. I had a great time seeing some of you again and meeting some of you for the first time. Skidoo and CC both have nice recaps of the evening. Thanks for the invite and I can't wait to do it again.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Blogger is telling me "MY" new version is ready for installation. Has anyone else upgraded and is there any reason I shouldn't do this?

I'm spending a lot of time working on a novel(No, it isn't poker related). I'm attempting to recruit a fellow blogger to help me with this project; hopefully I will have an announcement soon.

TripJax and I are planning a trip some time before the end of the year. I'm really looking forward to it.

I have picked 3 events in the WSOP Circuit Tournaments in January in Tunica that I will be playing:
1) Event #1 $500 no limit
2) Event #2 $1,000 no limit
3) Event #7 $1,000 horse
Mrs. Surf is playing the Ladies Event#9. She final tabled her last live tourney so I can't wait for this one.

That's it for now. Good luck at the tables everyone!!!